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Looking For A Convenient Solution to Your Water Drinking Needs?

  • Boiling water or chilling water pitchers are now a thing of the past.
  • No more wastage of Kitchen table-top space!
  • No more chances of drinking contaminated waters from rusty pipes
  • Save hours of time and money with Pure Two!

Stage 1

Sediments Filter

Removing sediment particles such as
dust and sand etc.
Life Span : Approx. 9~ 12 months.
Media : PP

Stage 2

Block Carbon Filter

It is wide in surface, excellent in filtering
heavy metals and it has a definite period of useful life. It also has a function of absorbing smell,color, residual chlorine, detergents, chemicals, organic

Stage 3

Multi UF (Ultra filtration) Membrane Filter

Removing minute harmful chemicals more than 0.01 micron such as bacteria, virus etc.
Life Span : Approx. 12 months.
NSF and FDA certified.

Stage 4

Alkaline Antioxidant Filter

Eliminates free radical, increases pH Level,
hydrates & revitalizes body cell.

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  • Peace of Mind
    Keep your family healthy by drinking clean, Hot & Cold purified water anytime at your fingertips!
  • Convenience - Save time & Money
    No more hassles of boiling water or chilling water pitchers in the fridge!
  • On-site Warranty
    We will head down right to your doorstep to diagnose and repair at no cost to you
  • Free Delivery & Installation
    Delivery and installation of machine is our complimentary service.

Hear it from our Customers!

Highly recommended! They solve my problem fast and indeed this machine is much much way better! Thks to Derrick for the fast set up!

Mawar Hitam

Highly recommended. Flexible in-house plan. Friendly but not pushy sales personnels and installation guy. Prompt and quick installation! Perks to have a purified drinking water hot/cold! no longer requires topping up of water to boiler dispenser.

SK Naufal

Prompt reliable and friendly service! One month into this new addition and we are so loving it. For its slim size, for its "tasty" chlorine free water. For the instant hot water supply. Grateful much for the convenience brought and will definitely recommend to friends and family!

Starry Niitex

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